Soundcloud Promotion

We have the best EDM Soundcloud promotion service on the market and can guarantee that if you work with us on a track you will come back to us for all your future releases too. We accept any genre of Electronic Music, Electro, House, Techno, Trance, Dubstep, Drum & Bass.... No Pop, Rock or Hip Hop sorry.

Blogs and magazines are a very important part of the music marketing for artists. Sadly the big ones receive thousands of emails every day and don’t have time to listen to most of the music they are being sent. That’s why a lot of artists spend a lot less time on PR and more time focusing on the metric than everyone cares about, plays.

But stay away from buying fakes plays. They will hurt you more than anything as they are very easy to spot. You will lose all credibility and will also be banned by Soundcloud to enter the charts, losing a great deal of potential exposure.

We grew a massive Soundcloud network of over 15 millions followers (including our partners accounts) and thus can offer the best Soundcloud promotion you will find out there. It's not the cheapest but our followers are ranging from music lovers to talent agencies, headlining DJs, producers, record labels and if your music is good enough, who knows what opportunities you will get!

  • Is it Expensive?

Our prices depends on your needs and of the quality of your music so shoot us an email with your track for a quote. We can't accept every submissions as we need to preserve a very good music feed to keep our followers happy, growing and engaged but will answer to everyone. If your music is not there yet we also have in-house ghost producers and sound engineers.

  • Why us?

There is a lot of websites and people offering Soundcloud promotion. Some are bad, some are good, but we are better. Stay away from the ones accepting every submissions from every genre as it's impossible to guarantee good exposure if they don't have a moderation process.