Radio Promotion

Ride the airwaves of radio stations around the world.

Radio stations receive thousands of new music every month. Only a small portion of this gets listened to by the programmer and even less are actually aired.

Here’s what we guarantee for your music:

  • We have strong ties with prominent radio DJs and programmers from around the world. If Midnite Blaster are the ones sending them the tracks, you can be sure they’ll get heard and possibly aired!
  • We can circulate your track to stations all over the world including college radio stations in USA and Europe, and commercial and non-commercial radio stations in the UK, France, Japan, Australia and Taiwan.
How much does it cost?

Our prices will depend on the level of exposure you’re looking for and the quality of your music.

How does it work?

We’ll first need to listen to your music to determine if it will align well with our radio partners. Please send us a link to your music and we’ll come back to you with the perfect radio promotion plan.