5 Reasons why Musicians and DJs needs Marketing

We meet a lot of music producers that don’t want to go near words like ‘marketing’ and ‘advertising’. They want their music to do all the talking. They think that as long as the music is good enough, it’ll take them to where they want to go. This is both idealistic and naive.

In today’s music landscape, if you have any kind of ambition as a producer and DJ, you simply must implement a marketing strategy.

You can stay in your room perfecting your bassline and skills all you like but that’ll only take you so far. Like it or not, the reality is that the most creative and interesting sounds will still need some promotional marketing magic to be heard.

Here are 5 reasons why you need to start marketing your ‘brand’:

1 – Because it’s about helping people find you

Many still think that talent alone is enough to sell tracks and albums, get plays on Soundcloud, and get booked at clubs and festivals.

If your music is the first true musical revolution since Skrillex, that’s good. Very good. But it won’t be enough. There are more electronic music producers than ever before. Everyone and their cousin is a DJ these days. To really stand out, you need more than just good music, you need to be found.

2 – Because it is necessary at all times

If you think clicking on the ‘Marketing’ button is something you do only when you’re releasing a new track or starting a new tour, then you’re gravely mistaken.

The promotion of your act is an ongoing process, and you need to exchange with your fans at all times. Ask them questions, organize contests, involve them in the production of your next track – anything you can do to connect with them will create the urge for them to listen to your next banger!

3 – Because marketing is creating new relationships

Most artists know that they need to upload their music and post about their upcoming events on social media, but you can’t stop there.

So you’ve got a sweet looking digital flyer for your next tour, but what if a fan has questions about the tour dates only to get nothing back? You’ve just missed a golden opportunity to build a stronger connection. On top of answering their question, you could’ve invited them for a meet and greet after the concert. In one simple reply, you have the power to create an even more loyal following. That’s marketing.

4 – Because it’s not that complicated

Many artists think that marketing is “too complicated” and “not for them”. As you can see in point 3, it’s actually not. You don’t need a shiny diploma from Harvard Business School. Just by applying the basics, not only will you be ahead of the pack, you’ll also find that it’s actually a lot of fun too!

5- Because you’re not forced to do it yourself

If you want to just focus on making music and have already had some success, you can hire people for your management and marketing.

A lot of music marketing companies already have all the important connections you need so there’s no need to start from scratch.